Intelligent Search Engine Optimization

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Site Architected With a Focus on SEO

Adding keywords to your website used to be the main strategy behind SEO.  Today, you must take a holistic approach to SEO.   Your site shouldn’t just be optimized for search engines, it needs to be user friendly and speedy. Every design and content decision affects your site’s visibility.

Your Website is Primed For SEO Success

We build all of our websites using WordPress, the best CMS platform for search engine performance.  When the head of Google’s web spam team says WordPress is a great choice, handling up to 90% of the SEO fundamentals for you, you know you are off to a great start.

Next, we work closely with you to ensure that your site is the best possible representation of your business while keeping a vigilant eye on all of the elements that impact your SEO success, from image choice and optimization, layout, navigation, website performance, and more.  To give you even more granular control of your SEO efforts, we install the most comprehensive SEO tools available.

The Fox Ultra SEO Package:

We optimize your website on a number of critical SEO factors:

  • site speed
  • page load times
  • clean code and navigation
  • image/CSS/Scripts caching
  • hosting/server configuration
  • XML sitemap
  • responsive design
  • intelligent use of headers
  • on page SEO tools
  • content delivery network
  • SSL certification

You need a website that can be found

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