Thank You for Partnering With Us

We are honored to have your trust

What to Expect

We’ll send requests for information and walk through each step together.
Here are the first 3 of 5 simple steps.

1) What we’ll need to get started

We’ll send you an email about this.


Multi-State Exemption

You’ll receive a form from PandaDoc, regarding sales tax.  Sign it if applicable.  Yes, it’s boring, but can save you money!

Domain Name Information

Where your domain is registered. If your domain is with GoDaddy, we can provide more technical assistance.


Never Send Sensitive Information Via Email

Emails are NOT secure.
If we request sensitive information, such as a password or secret code, we’ll always provide a secure form such as our Other Configurations Form.

2) What we’ll request as we start the process

Don’t worry if you don’t have this stuff.  We’ll work with what you have and offer advice gleened from decades of experience.

Your Logo

Transparent PNG is preferred. High res JPEG or PNG will work.

Style Guide

Brand style guide, colors, preferred fonts or any specific design requirements you have.

New Design Ideas

What you envision for your new website.  Gather your thoughts.

Existing Website Login

If you have an existing site please give us your login credentials for a more fluid transfer of assets.



Page content and any updated verbiage for the site.

Images & Pictures

Current and/or new images and pictures you’d like to use on the new site. We can grab existing images from your current site.

3) Naming files

Please name all images or files descriptively so we can identify them – this will also help you find images on your website!  (Guess what – Google loves appropriately named files.) 

Use descriptive names – don’t use special characters or spaces as this can cause issues.

CORRECT:   new-dollar-rental.jpg
INCORRECT:   new$ rental. jpg  (uses spaces and special characters)

Pig thinking to rename images descriptively for SEO and other purposes.

Stay Tuned - The Design Phase is Next

These initial steps  (the boring ones) get us started.  Next we move on to Steps 4 & 5 – the Design Phase.  You’ll receive an overview soon. This is where the action picks up so get ready for fun!

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