Blazing Fast Managed Hosting

We take care of all of that technical stuff


Where you choose to host your website is vital to your online success.

Our managed hosting packages take care of the main contributors to your online success.

1.  Service

You are probably familiar with unmanaged hosting:  you rent server space for a few dollars a month and you are solely responsible for all service and maintenance tasks.

But what if…

Your website is hacked and gets blacklisted by Google?
A recent update breaks your website or impairs website performance and you can’t fix it?
Your website is down and you don’t know why?

Are you willing to endure those ordeals to save a few dollars a month on hosting?

Service and support are where we really shine.  We sweat the technical details so you can focus your time where it is needed most – managing your business.  Our experienced team manage all of the performance and maintenance tasks involved with your website including the mission-critical incidents listed above.

Fast, friendly support means your server issues will be resolved quickly.  When you have a question or concern you can contact us.  No tickets or long wait times.  Between our continuous server monitoring and rapid response time we often will have resolved an issue before you are even aware it exists.

2.  Speed

Why Speed is Critical

Speed is one of THE most over looked features of a website.  It impacts  user satisfaction, conversions and SEO just to name a few.

Larry Page, founder of Google, said it best:
“As a product manager you should know that speed is product feature number one.”

With Google now including website speed as a ranking factor, ensuring your website is snappy is more important than ever.

If your site isn’t running efficiently you could be losing revenue and customer leads. 40% of visitors leave a web page if the load time is more than 3 seconds. That’s revenue flying out the window.

Performance Your Customers Will Notice

We have some of the fastest hardware available installed on our dedicated private servers.  We limit the number of sites per server to small manageable numbers and never exceed 50 websites per server.  Our sites are constantly monitored and fine-tuned to ensure they are running at peak speeds 24/7.

When a new client approaches us we often create a copy of their site to run an apples-to-apples comparison of the website performance on their current server vs. our servers. Here is a performance profile of a recent site “X” we tested at a major hosting company.  Just by moving this website to Double Fox servers it saw significant improvements in performance.

Website “X” Hosted at a Major Hosting Company

Duplicate Website “X” on Double Fox Servers

A Perfect Score!

In case you’ve never seen a perfect score here is just one of our sites that has had a perfect score for years

3.  Security

The web is brimming with security threats and vulnerabilities.  The size of your site doesn’t matter – all websites are under attack daily by spambots and nefarious hackers.

We enforce multiple security protocols to ensure that your website is as safe as possible.  In over 20 years of working with websites we have not lost any data due to hardware failure.

Server monitoring is critical to your business. We scan the servers every 5 minutes in search of irregularities and identify potential points of failure so we can address them before they become major problems.

We regularly update WordPress and all plugins.  Out dated plugins are one of the most common points of breach. You can have peace of mind knowing that your website system is always up to date with the latest and most secure software.

A snippet of our routine security procedures:

  • generate daily onsite and offsite backups
  • perform regular security audits
  • filter for spam
  • scan for viruses
  • configure software firewalls
  • update server operating systems

Read more about our uncompromising security →


What Security Looks Like

Double Fox Websites provides multi-tiered security measures to keep your website safe.
Take a closer look →

Would you locate your business in an over-crowded building with no maintenance?

Then why would you hand over your business website to un-managed, mass-shared hosting?

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